Vanessa Grundy and the awesome wildlife artwork

Let’s talk about the best places where a wildlife artist can get the maximum inspiration. Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge, United States: Most of the wildlife photographers have a fetish for capturing the flight mode of the birds. If you fall in that category, then here is the place for you. Recognized in 1975 for carrying out the national migratory bird management program Nantucket National Wildlife is a great hit among the wildlife lovers. The refuge is cooperatively managed with the Trustee of Reservations. This refugee park is a site for hundreds of migratory birds and Gray and harbor seals. One can also find a variety of gull species here which calls for some stunning pictures.

Borneo: There are no roads in Borneo’s Tanjung Puting National Park, so you’ll be travelling by boat and on foot, staying in rainforest lodges and always with a close eye on the trees. Over 4,000 of the world’s few remaining orangutans live in this biodiversity hotspot, along with many species of reptiles, birds and mammals. You’ll often base yourselves around feeding stations, for the best chance of getting a memorable shot.

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Supporting conservation programmes through my art and products! I have recently launched my first products that are supporting conservation programmes worldwide! I have wanted to make this move for a long time but unfortunately hadn’t gotten around to it. As I come to the end of my BSc Degree in Wildlife Conservation I wanted to make this shift at the start of this year, and so from this year forward, every product I launch will in some way be supporting charities, projects, or campaigns that are rescuing animals from hurtful human activities, campaigning to improve national and international government wildlife or environmental-based policies, and those that are allowing wildlife and their environments to thrive through their efforts!

2015 – Teenage Entrepreneur Market, Stoke: I took the opportunity to take a sizeable stand at a busy shopping location in Stoke-on-Trent, where I exhibited and offered for sale many of my original pieces and prints. 2012 – Williamson Art Gallery Spring Exhibition: For this competition, I entered a piece that I had completed whilst at school. Inspired by the artwork of Jason Morgan, I used acrylic paints to depict the majesty of a silver back gorilla. Read even more info at