Personalized crypto portfolio overview

There are many crypto currencies and a good track of your crypto portofolio is very important for good profits. We will compare HodlStream to other crypto portofolio managers. Like its name suggests, Gem has turned out to be a gem among all the portfolio trackers we have explored so far. Gem has the best user experience and is the easiest to use in this list. It is quite straightforward to get started with. The aesthetic design elements are pleasing to the eye. Gem is app-heavy with a light web presence i.e. only the Discovery section is accessible from web (more on that later). Gem allows exchange sync functionality. So no need to manually enter trades anymore. Moreover, you can create a Gem account, thereby allowing portfolios to be ported. Gem is completely free-to-use and there are no hidden conditions or paid plans.

Cryptocompare — which seems to be currently available in website and android form only — positions itself as a professional, and data-focused hub suitable for organisations and individuals alike. There’s no doubt that the interface is very impressive, surfacing a huge amount of data on each asset. With news, articles and forum posts adding to the depth of insight and analysis available, it’s easy to see why many pro-traders rate this as a go-to site. A timeline function shows the key milestones in a token’s evolution and the influence tab provides some insight into sentiment across social-media platforms. With far too many other features to list here, this is one that’s definitely worth checking-out yourself.

Must have : Cryptocurrencies are frustrating expansive. While they create a diverse ecosystem of digital assets, managing them from a single account is difficult. There are dozens of exchanges offering a unique smattering of currencies, requiring investor flexibility to hold and manage accounts on many platforms. To make sure that you are able to keep tabs on all of your crypto finances, you’d want to use a crypto portfolio tracker solution such as, which can achieve that high level of clarity by syncing all wallets and exchanges into a single location, providing investors with a full view of their crypto assets. When paired with full transactional control, this significantly simplifies crypto asset management. Extra info at Personalized crypto portfolio visualizations.

Comparing cryptocurrency markets with traditional investment markets, you will clearly see that the cryptocurrency market is much smaller. This means that relatively small trade volumes can and do have a large impact. Even relatively small event such as a trading site hack in South Korea can affect the whole crypto market in a big way. Social media groups and forums about cryptocurrencies are always abuzz about such events. Crypto traders often base their purchase decisions on social media news and trends. Read “FUD and FOMO Explained” to learn more about this. Cryptocurrency traders need robust apps to serve as portfolio trackers, and start-ups are stepping in to provide them with some. If you are one such startup, I will explain how to build a crypto portfolio tracker app in this article.