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Here are a few tips if you need to grow your online business. Leads are like snowflakes-no two are identical. And this applies to how they obtain their information as well. Some like social media, while others prefer reading emails or watching videos. Make sure you cover the entire spectrum by presenting content in a variety of formats. When possible, use buttons or clickable images for your CTAs instead of hyperlinked text in a paragraph. Do anything you can to make it jump out, such as using a button with a contrasting colour to more easily catch the eye.

This sounds obvious but is often forgotten. It is always best to focus on quality rather than quantity, so that your sales force doesn’t waste time on unqualified leads. Do your research to ensure that you target businesses that have a high chance of buying your product or service. You can stream your activity into short-term, mid-term and long-term to create a rolling pipeline. You can also have a set of criteria to define who qualifies as a prospect and what must happen to move that prospect from one level to the next. Don’t forget to nurture your leads, educating your potential customers with relevant content to move them further down the sales funnel.

We have dozens of redone industry niche sites ready to go with a few drag and drop text boxes and picture swaps and you will have a Marketing platform in your niche with tons of admins to get more attention to your brand new business. Read more info on How to grow my business with lead generation.

Today’s customers are social media and content marketing savvy. Whether they’re making a purchase for themselves or their business, they’ve at least started their research before they ever contact you. You must include calls-to-action on blog posts to give visitors the opportunity to raise their hand and express interest in your company and its ideas. Too many blogs do nothing to try to convert their hard-earned blog visitors to leads.

Along with all of your amazing content, don’t forget to include video as part of your demand generation tactics. A very simple way to do this is to use the content that you already have. Do you have a new product that just launched? Include a video to give viewers a tour of your product. Amazon created a 48-second video introducing Alexa making a call using Echo Dot.