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Looking for Professional development in corporate training in Chiang Mai to improve you or your teams skill levels ? Human resource management-Human resource management training would help reduce your staff turnover at 70% and will result in 300% reduction in staff turnover. Customer retention would improve by 5% with the help of this particular training program. Personal development-your employees are your real asset. If you invest in personal development training program, you can increase their productivity by 5.2%. Overall company productivity would increase by 21%.

Corporate training can also be used as content marketing to provide an introduction or taste of programming that could be applicable to degree programs. Of course, it’s challenging to make sure you’re balancing the academic rigor and required hours with the need for cost-effective and time-restricted training. Most companies cannot afford to take large numbers of employees out of their day-to-day roles for more than a few hours at a time. In order for any corporate training division to be successful over the long term, it needs to be providing content that meets the immediate needs of the company. Read extra details on Team effectiveness corporate training in Bangkok.

Increases Engagement through Interactive Elements: Including interactive elements such as drag and drop, multiple choice, click and display, true or false etc. in the training material increases user engagement. Interactive content ensures a highly engaging user experience and enhances the impact of the training delivered. Real-time Feedback: Interactive corporate training makes instant evaluation possible. Participants can receive real-time feedback for the answers submitted on the training portal. It also enables managers to track the progress of individual employees. In case of Q&A sessions and pop-up quizzes, the trainer can gauge the level of understanding of the trainees and proceed accordingly.

Explore industry associations. The Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) is one of the first professional coaching associations exclusively dedicated to business coaching. Membership is selective and based upon eligibility requirements and high standards of ethics, integrity, and professional responsibility. See more info on

Updates Are Easy: Custom MindTools solutions are built on demand. The courses are tailored for your specific requirements, communicate internal approaches, and correspond to certain corporate practices. However, corporate learning follows the cycle of continuous improvement. Technology changes, knowledge is gained, and corporate practices and requirements change. This makes updates to MindTools inevitable, but also much less costly, as you own the courses and can focus the updates to reflect the new changes, instead of having to replace the entire program. Increased Learner Engagement And Knowledge Retention: By using custom MindTools solutions, you are creating very useful corporate training. Customization will make the courses fun and engaging, with a clear focus on application. An effective corporate training should provide critical knowledge useful for everyday work and do it in a fun and interesting way. Customizing allows the implementation of a variety of strategies for boosting engagement and retention, such as crafting internal personas, using familiar scenarios for serious games, awarding badges for achievements, etc.

Extrinsic motivation involves doing something for its external rewards, like money, fame etc whereas intrinsic motivation is the natural drive of internal factors like enjoyment, satisfaction, player autonomy, social relatedness, mastery, achievement etc. Simply adding the elements such as reward points, achievements, and badges which are external motivational factors, don’t guarantee the desired behavior change. Hence to bring the desired behavior change, the instructional designers should ensure that there is a right balance between the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Striking the right balance in the corporate training gamification can motivate the learners to revisit the learning content and make them perform the following – Learner performs an action. Learner receives a reward for performing that action. This reward triggers the learner ‘s brain and motivates the learner to perform the action again. The level of challenge further induces the learner and invites to perform the action again and pulls him to the reward loop. Learners eagerly perform the action hoping that they get the same result. This can strengthen the behavior of the brain that can help the learners to slowly change the behavior in the desired way and form a habit. Thus one of the prime benefits of gamification of corporate training is facilitating the behavior change. Source: