The Best Airsoft Brands For You

A little history, airsoft was invented before paintball back in the ’80s. Tokyo Mauri in Japan created the first airsoft gun, about eight years before paintball was invented. The early guns were powered by a compressed air cylinder which was connected to the gun by a hose. They were used for target shooting and playing war games in the woods. It became popular in Japan along with paintball. Years later Tokyo Mauri came out with a M16 replica gun that ran on a battery they called it an AEG (automatic electric gun), and airsoft took off worldwide. Airsoft guns were created to be low velocity non-lethal guns. This is accomplished by using a 6mm or 8mm plastic BB that is very light (.12 to .45 grams), fired at low velocities 170 to 550fps (feet per second). In Japan, the fps limit is 300fps with a .20 gram BB for all guns. Kids large and small have always wanted to play soldier, and these guns give them an opportunity to do that with the right protective gear. They should not be confused with Daisy BB guns sold in the US for years which at close range are lethal.

Have you ever enjoy watching a sport and have no idea what’s happening? If you have ever try to spectates an airsoft game, you were probably bored to death because you can’t see anything!

Nobody will watch a sport if they can’t see all the action. What’s the big deal? Big companies will not sponsor a competitive airsoft game

Sports event such as the Super Bowl gets a lot of their funding from sponsorship and advertisement from large companies such as Coca-cola. That was how E-Sport did its first large scale competition stadium, and it’s how airsoft Youtuber makes money.

If airsoft is ever going to become an official sport, it will have to find some ways to make spectating airsoft games exciting and fun for outside viewers.

Routine Maintenance

Common problems you will face with a poor airsoft gun is dry firing, bad grouping, and shots inconsistencies. Your usual suspect for these problems is a dirty barrel, a bad hop-up unit, a poor gearbox, and a deficient magazine

Generally speaking, you can prevent or solve these problems by routinely perform active maintenance on your airsoft gun and magazine. We recommend that you do this after every airsoft game. If you need to, take a look at our noob guide to basic airsoft maintenance

Routine maintenance is your first go-to solution, but they will not solve your problems all the time. Similar to your car, you may have to invest in better parts. More at

Wear Full Body Protection

Unless you are perfectly capable of handling flesh wounds that could take weeks to heal, you should wear cloth protection from head to toes

Cover your ears and head with a beanie, a long sleeve shirt for your arms, gloves for your hands, jean for your legs, a lower face mask for your mouth and nose, and a scarf for your neck. Leave no skin exposed to the BBs

Also, you might want to wear boots when you’re playing outdoors for those up-hills climbs you might have to do. It’s like doing mini-hiking in airsoft.

Other Laws

Metal Airsoft Guns in Government Offices and Public Transport

Carrying an airsoft gun with metal BBs in transit and transport facilities can get you in serious trouble. This applies even to government offices

Do Not Remove Colored Tip

Eliminating bright colored to copy the looks of an actual firearm is restricted. This is because individuals with criminal intent might use these airsoft guns to commit crimes

The “I Got You First” Guy

You’re breaching a room, and as you pie the corner with your gun you caught someone and you two ended up “bang bang” each other at the same time.

But for some reason, the other guy said “Nah, I got you first” and proceed on playing.

A common reason for the barrel to barrel rule is that in real life, both of you would die. But people forgot that the first person who pulled the trigger doesn’t lead to the other person dropping dead instantly.

When someone gets shot, they can still muster the strength to shoot back. Whatever the case may be, it’s annoying to run up against these guys. Don’t argue with them, but do report them to the referee Extra details on