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Professional or master violins, on the other hand, will be constructed from cold-grown and slow-dried wood, hand built and assembled by a master luthier, and finished with high-quality components such as an ebony fingerboard and wooden tailpiece. The excellent materials and refined artistic skill that go into these instruments drive up their value, and make them appropriate instruments for professional and aspiring, advanced musicians.

Never purchase or rent a beginner violin that is too big. Playing on the wrong size instrument creates serious problems with technique, and can eventually lead to chronic neck, back, and arm injuries. Be sure to know exactly what size will work for your student (or yourself, if you’re the beginner). Don’t forget to account for age, body size, hand shape, and physical strength. If in doubt, going with a smaller size is better than playing on a violin that is too big. Buy large size violin Scherl & Roth

Tell the shop owner your budget and ask to see a selection of violins within your price range, however don’t ask to see the individual price of the instruments until after you have made your final choice. As long as all the instruments are within your price range, your choice should be based on how the violin feels and responds rather then the price point. Keep in mind you are searching for an instrument to best fit your playing needs, and this is not always reflected in the price. Don’t assume the most expensive instrument is the best for you; it may be a great violin, but just not for you. Likewise, don’t go in and buy the cheapest instrument you can find. If the violin is not a good fit for you, you will spend a majority of your practice time fighting the instrument, which leads to frustration, and additional money spent to remedy the situation. I have seen students so frustrated by a violin with which they were mismatched, that they actually wanted to quit playing.

One good reason for the rental of an instrument would be if you are looking for a child’s (undersized) instrument. In this case, it is generally not worth the risk of physical injury to buy an instrument which is too large, thinking that the child will “grow into” it. On the other hand, it is quite expensive to buy a series of increasingly larger instruments (there are 8 basic sizes, and children grow out of their violin sizes at a surprisingly rapid rate.) Besides rental, another option for acquiring a small violin is to find a reputable luthier or music store nearby and ask about their “trade-in policy”. Assuming you take care of the instrument, many shops will give you a generous discount on the purchase of the next size up if you bring back your current instrument as a “trade”. (Take note that they do this because they want you to be a return customer. For this reason, most places will not give you a trade-in discount for an instrument you did not buy from them).

New or used: When purchasing a violin, you have two options: You can either purchase a brand-new violin or an used violin. If you’re on a tight budget, buying an used violin may be in your best interest. Just make sure that you do your research to ensure that the instrument is in good working condition and that you’re getting the most value. For Vietname and South East Asia please check the best online shop for violins : Cua hang dan violin truc tuyen Viet Nam

Student Violins

In general, a student violin is made from lower-quality wood and involves less hand work. These violins usually have some parts made of plastic, such as the pegs and chin rest. Student violins are great for children who are interested in learning, but are not yet sure if they will play for very long. Prices for student violins can vary from about $100-$400.



You can shop independently: When shopping online, you aren’t bombarded by pushy salespeople trying to sell you the most expensive violin in the store. You can gather recommendations, read reviews, and shop peacefully and independently.
Larger inventory: Typically, online violin stores will have a larger inventory of violin brands to choose from. If one site doesn’t have what you want, chances are you can find another site that does.