Web API code generator on MS SQL

Web API code software on MS SQL? Representational State Transfer (REST or RESTful) is a technical description of how the World Wide Web works. If to imagine that the Web is a device, and it could have an operating system, its architectural style would be RESTful. A RESTful API is a type of web server that enables user-operated or automated clients to access resources that model a system’s data and functions. A well-designed REST API entice developers to use the web service and is today a must-have feature.

At the end of the day, the best protocol is the one that makes the most sense for the organization, the types of clients that you need to support, and what you need in terms of flexibility. Most new APIs are built using REST and JSON simply because it typically consumes less bandwidth and is easier to understand both for developers implementing initial APIs as well as other developers who may write other services against it. Because it’s more easily consumed by most of today’s web browsers, REST+JSON has become the defacto technology for the majority of public APIs. However, SOAP remains a valuable protocol in some circumstances. Plus, you don’t have to look far to find die-hard fans advocating for SOAP for certain use cases.

You also need to be aware that subresources cannot be used outside the scope of their parent resource. In the second example, you need a customer id before you can lookup a order, so if you want a list of all open orders (regardless of customer) then you cannot do it in the second example. Ehh, so what to pick? If you want a flexible API, aim for fewer subresources. If you want a more readable API, aim for more subresources. The important thing is that whatever rule of thumb you pick then be consistent about it. I mean the API user might disagree with your decision, but if you are using it consistently throughout your API, he or she will probably forgive you.

When I ran InstantWebAPI I get an error message about writing rights. How can this be fixed? If you created the stub solution as an administrator, then InstantWebAPI needs to be run as an administrator as well. We have a database with 80 tables. How many tables and views can this software generate the code for? This code was tested against databases with more than 100 tables. Web API project code gets generated pretty fast, but generating Unit Test code it might take a while. We recommend generating the code for a limited number of tables at a time. We have a database with multiple schema. Can the code be generated for all the schemas at the same time? No, this version of the software only allows generating the code for one schema at a time. Further customization can be added by sending a requests to Customer Service. See more details at Instant Rest API from your MS SQL database.