What can you see in Sarlat

Sarlat, France is an amazing historical place. What can you see in Sarlat and Dordogne area? Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum, Perigueux : Petrocores, the Roman city on which Perigueux is founded, was one of the most prosperous in Gaul but after its fall most of the stones that made up its monuments were taken and re-used in the city walls. In 1959 though the remnants of this domus was discovered, and later excavations brought the layout of the building and its surrounding streets to light. It’s all on show in a bright glass building, in which footbridges give you perfect views of heating systems, a kitchen, baths and dining room. Marvellous geometric murals adorn the garden and several walls in the home, while there’s a display of artefacts discovered on this site, including precious jewellery, kitchen utensils, mosaics and tombstones.

Place des Oies is where you can see the life-size bronze statue of three geese that seems to appear on every postcard of Sarlat; birds that have served as a delicacy for many Salardais over the centuries. Meanwhile, on Place de la Liberte, many visitors might experience a feeling of deja vu, as this iconic square has often served as a backdrop for films.

Brantome : Picturesque enough to be hung in the Louvre, this romantic village 30 minutes west of Sorges is the “Venice of Perigord”. It’s impossible not be moved by the beauty of boating beneath the stone arches of its angled bridge traversing river and adjacent canal, or meandering cobblestones polished smooth by centuries of pilgrims following the way of Saint James through Brantome to Santiago in Spain. Its vast abbey, founded by Charlemagne in 769, shelters eighth-century cave dwellings, hollowed out by monks, in cliffs behind.

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