Why visit Galapagos?

Searching for info about top destinations in Galapagos? Nature lovers will enjoy spending a day exploring Cerro Dragon, or Dragon Hill, on Santa Cruz Island. The stunning location gets its name from a time when it was the only place in Santa Cruz where you could find land iguanas or “dragons.” Other animals that visitors are sure to come across in the rocky beach include green turtles, rays, Galapagos mockingbirds, and a number of other migratory shorebirds. Dragon Hill is also known for Galapagos cotton and a variety of candelabra cactus. The area is perfect for visitors looking to enjoy a bit of beachcombing, sunbathing, hiking, or snorkeling.

Among most islands of Galapagos, Genovesa Island is famous for housing a wide variety of birds that include red footed boobies, doves, Darwin finches, frigatebirds, lava gulls, storm petrels, and many other attractive birds. Don’t miss observing the wonderful, rare birdlife of this region. Also, this island is a great site for snorkeling along the sides of cliffs. Prince Philip’s Steps is fantastic site for bird watching. Read additional info on https://nemogalapagos.com/last-minute-galapagos-cruises-2019.php.

Be prepared to share the beach with the local residents of the Galapagos, the beach-loving wildlife. From sea lions and sea turtles to eagle rays, the creatures on the islands are mostly happy to share their beautiful white sandy beaches with you, as long as you respect them. If you are a keen surfer then you can also surf on some of the beaches, such as Galapagos Beach, but make sure you check the beach’s regulations before you hire or buy a board. Be aware the ground under the water can be a little rocky (so bring water shoes) and the water can be cold!

The Wall of Tears, or El Muro de las Lagrimas as it is known locally, is a site on Isabela Island that has a sad history. Proving that one man’s paradise is another man’s prison, 300 prisoners and thirty policemen were transported to Isabela Island in 1946 to create a penal colony far from the mainland. The prisoners worked under the hot sun to cut out large volcanic rocks and build the prison. It was never completed, and what remains today is a grim wall structure that is over 100 meters long and eight meters high. The story behind it really takes visitors on a journey of the land’s past. Visitors can climb to the top of the wall and take some stunning photographs of the surrounding area from a more aerial view.

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