Bangkok floating market

Bangkok is a delightful place to visit. We will talk about Bangkok attractions and especially the floating market Bangkok. A cavernous place, Siam Paragon is one of the largest shopping malls in the whole of Thailand and there are a wealth of things for people to see and do apart from just shopping. In addition to its endless array of shops and restaurants, the complex is home to an aquarium, an art gallery that showcases Thai art, and an opera concert hall that puts on some dazzling performances. With karaoke, bowling and 15 huge cinema screens also on offer, Siam Paragon is the perfect mix of culture, cuisine, and entertainment all mixed into one.

Sheer luck (or lack thereof) makes this attraction special. During the 1950s, the East Asiatic Company purchased the land around the temple. A condition of the sale was the removal of a plaster statue of Buddha, but the statue proved too heavy for the crane being used. The cable parted and the figure was dropped, being left overnight where it fell. It happened to be in the rainy season, and when next morning some monks walked past, they noticed a glint of gold shining through the plaster. The coating was removed, revealing a 3.5 m Buddha cast from 5.5 tons of solid gold. All attempts to trace the origin of this priceless statue have so far failed, but it is assumed to date from the Sukhothai period, when marauding invaders threatened the country and its treasures, and it became common practice to conceal valuable Buddha figures beneath a coating of plaster. No one knows how it came to Bangkok, but here it stands available for the admiration of visitors from all over the world.

Chatuchak Weekend Market : One of the largest markets in the world: Its land size is huge, covering an area of 35 acres. The number of stall is vast with 8000 stalls. The place brims over products of all kinds as a result. While Chatuchak covers everything you can ever imagine, unique sections worth checking out are rare to find antiques, ceramics, home furniture, and souvenirs. Best place to buy Thai handicrafts in Bangkok: Get some beautiful handicrafts while touring Chatuchak market if you plan to bring home something truly Thai. The product range is huge; the quality is high; the prices are competitive among shops. These are simply the reasons.

The Amphawa floating market is a very attractive place for tourists to see the old style and traditional way of selling and buying fruits, vegetables, etc., from small boats. Experience Thais rural life and a charm of countryside at Amphawa floating market and enjoy the Maeklong Railway Market.? On this Risky Market and Floating market tour from Bangkok, we will discover fascinating beauty combined with amazing contrasts, market Bangkok frenetic and quiet canal life giving way to gentle rural landscapes. Most importantly, you will find out the many faces of Bangkok as few others have seen, in a way you will not forget for a great Floating Market tour, Risky Market tour and Amphawa floating market tour!

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