High quality software development school from Thinnox

Quality interface design school with Thinnox School: THINNOX STEAM School is accredited to offer credit courses toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) & expanded the Specialized STEAM High School to help achieve students the personalized University /College REACH-AHEAD TED pathways through Effective Portfolio Requirement for Post-Secondary application. Unleash your creativity. Unlock your strengths. Experience the magic of innovation, from your home, or wherever you are, right now. This supplemental program runs through the academic year and is available only to registered full-time students. See even more details on Thinnox.

THINNOX GDD offers a unique, hands-on training experience that takes students through every step of the Game Development process, starting with the game concept and ending with a completed game title in the chosen genre. The emphasis of the course is four fold: a solid understanding of the principles of Game Design; supreme comfort in using various tools of trade, including the game engine within the chosen genre; thorough understanding of the game development or software development life cycle and lastly, understanding of the students’ own potential as to how best you could contribute to the Game industry or how you could transfer game (software) design & development skills to other trades.

This program introduces you to the world of simple machines. You start out by making a simple remote controlled game using servos and controllers. You learn to work with tools and to apply the principles of levers, gears and pulleys; you learn to apply the principles of design in general and engineering basics in particular; you learn to work with servos and controllers. Successful completion of the course paves your way to the second level of the STRIDE Engineering program. In subsequent levels you deepen your understanding of the Robotics field: you build a remote controlled mechanical claw; remote controlled cars (with speed controllers, motors, gears and steering systems); and you also learn to apply the principles of pneumatics to the RC devices you build.

In this program you will learn to use a wide array of software tools and programs used by leading in-field professionals to style and create cutting edge patterns, designs and apparels that truly represent your fashion vision. You will also be introduced to software assisting specific areas of the trade such as digital pattern making, design, embroidery, knitting and weaving; and supply and distribution related areas of the business such as bar coding; point of sale and product design management. You will use programs that are easy to use but also delivers professional fashion illustrations that are above & beyond industry standard.

THINNOX provides 110 hours of TED workshops annually to every student over and above the regular programming. This unique, immersive, learning by doing method, offers endless opportunities for students interested in making an early start at building the foundations and achieving progressive excellence in the fields of Technology, Engineering and Design, even as they pursue their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The involved and empathetic guidance counselling process, the feedback based program personalization process combined with systematic reporting mechanism delivers proven results for students, both, in and out of class rooms. Find additional details at computer technology Canada school.