Best 10 event management software program today

Top event manager application 2020? All-in-one Event Management Software. Raklet helps you manage the entire event lifecycle from start to finish. It is easy to set up and fully branded to match your colors. You can: – Organize and enrich your database with Raklet CRM – QR Check-in at the door – Build unlimited custom forms and pages – Communicate via the app, text or email – Collect ticket payments online – Advanced reporting.

Event management software is an event planner’s best friend. Like a super hero needs their reliable sidekick, you need event management software that can save you time, keep you organized, and take care of every detail of your event — so you can catch up on your sleep! Imagine engaging your attendees at your business conferences or corporate events at a whole new level. Leveraging event planning software, you can even attract more attendees to your conferences and trade shows. Think how helpful would it be to increase event ROI?

Many of the most popular event management apps focus on organizing your event and getting attendees to show up. Socio takes it one step further and offers gamification features to help ensure attendees are present and engaged once the event actually starts. After you create your event in Socio, you have the option to add “features,” which unlock additional planning, sharing, and engagement capabilities. You can choose from 14 features, like creating an agenda, adding speakers, or uploading documents. This is also where you’ll find Socio’s first gamification feature: the “Event Game.” This allows you to incentivize attendee actions by creating challenges and rewarding points when those actions are completed. For example, you could award 100 points to each attendee who connects with 15 other attendees via the app or award 25 points to everyone who checks in and receives your free gift bag. You can create as many of these challenges as you want and customize how many points to assign to each task. As attendees earn points, they can see their rankings in real time on a leaderboard. Find even more details on Event management software.

When setting up your WordPress website calendar, Events Manager lets create as many venues as you need that can then be assigned to future events. Google Maps integration ensures your visitors know exactly where each calendar entry is taking place. Displaying the events on your website is easy too, thanks to the calendar widgets for your sidebars and other widgetized areas of your site. There’s a Pro version available for those who need more features and functionality. Some of the extra features you can get access to by upgrading to Events Manager Pro include the ability to accept payments as part of the ticket registration process, support for coupon codes so that you can offer discounted tickets, and a custom booking form builder tool.

Now talking about control, it has a dedicated section that lets you set up the booking cost with multiple combinations of pricing rules. You can apply these rules to any booking in order to display different prices for different time durations or seasons. So for instance, you can have higher bookings prices during weekends while keeping your weekday prices comparatively lower for your hotel rooms. This booking solution can allow cancellations from your customers until a certain time before a booking. There’s another cool feature that allows you to confirm a booking only if you wish. Find additional info at here.