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Do you search for a high quality Nextcloud service with Online Editor? NextFiles is a high quality , hight privacy german based cloud provider, a fast and secure Nextcloud service in a German data center with ISO 27001 certification.

Setting up Nextcloud on a self-hosted Linux box is not a job for the casual user, so why not let the professionals do it for you? A variety of very reasonably priced devices are available which ship with Nextcloud pre-installed for you. Given the low cost of physical storage these days, plus the fact that it costs nothing in terms of subscription fees, self-hosting Nextcloud is a very economical approach to cloud storage. It is also inherently very secure, as you have total physical control over the server. End-to-end encryption should ensure hosted solutions which use it are secure too, although this is still in the testing stage.

What’s great about those looking for an alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive is that NextCloud offers a refreshingly similar UI. Not only is it incredibly easy to navigate, but at first glance will prove to be familiar to anyone who’s used cloud storage platforms because of this. Furthermore, here is a glimpse of a fresh NextCloud account looks like on a private server. NextCloud also offers a file sync client, thus allowing users to sync folders on their local machine with their server. This works seamlessly to automatically update files within a particular folder. While this may not be ideal in certain situations (for instance, detailed version control or accidental syncs), it still remains a feature that will provide benefit to a majority.

The Google Play Store version of the app sends push notifications in which include a header and subject are sent to Google, but if you don’t like this then you can download the apk directly or obtain the app from F-Droid. Hosted solution data centers and providers will each have their own privacy policies, although the use of end-to-end encryption will ensure that they can have no access to your data. Nextcloud secures data in transit using TLS, the encryption protocol used by HTTPS. This is configured in the webserver, but Nextcloud will issue administrators with a warning if TLS is not enabled for any reason. Hosted solutions which use HTTPS to secure the domain should have this enabled automatically.

With I use a fast and secure Nextcloud in a German data center with ISO 27001 certification. Nextfiles takes care of the technology, i.e. installation, troubleshooting and updates. My customers and I, we value our privacy. Another crucial thing for me was the fast and competent support. With my nextcloud at I feel safe and in good hands. Nextcloud clients for Android, iOS and desktop systems allow you to sync and share files, in a fully secure way through an encrypted connection. The mobile clients feature automatic upload of pictures and videos you take and can synchronize select files and folders. The clients can handle multiple accounts, show all activity happening on your server and notify you of new events such as the availability of new shares. Find more details at