Reliable matress tips and tricks 2022

Reliable matress buying tricks today? For the third time since Mattressly began rating mattresses, the Avocado Green Mattress takes the top of the podium. It stands out with its exceptionally long sleep trial period (Avocado gives you a full year to test this mattress). The Green also features a selection of high-quality materials. While these elements add to its value, it’s worth noting that a Green Mattress costs about $220 above the average price of a queen mattress in our ratings. The Avocado Green is a hybrid mattress. Similar to an innerspring mattress, a hybrid mattress has a base layer of spring coils but has thicker comfort layers above these coils than a spring mattress. In a similar fashion, the Avocado uses 2 inches of organic latex for its comfort layer. Above this is a layer of organic wool topped with an organic cotton cover. The wool performs double duty as both a natural fire retardant and a material that helps you stay cool and dry. There’s no greenwashing with Avocado, as it has certifications from eight reputable organizations for its organic and natural materials.

If you struggle to regulate body temperature while sleeping and suffer overheating even in the winter, you’ll probably love the OTTY Pure Bamboo and Charcoal mattress. This mattress stays cool even on sweaty summer nights, so it’s a top pick for hot sleepers. It’s also great if you want a mattress that’s a little on the firmer side, but with a supportive top layer. At 25cm, the OTTY Pure mattress is about average for this type of mattress. It has a removable cover for an added layer of protection, but note that it is dry clean only. With up to 2,000 encapsulated pocket springs, as well as two memory foam layers, it’s also pretty comfortable. Our reviewer had been experiencing a lot of lower back pain prior to testing – enough to make getting out of bed or sitting at her desk difficult – but she noticed that the pain lessened when she started sleeping on the OTTY Pure.

Holy comfort levels, this Hypnos mattress is incredible. The edge-to-edge support is second to none, and the medium tension provides really good support. No matter if we lay on our side, back or front, we felt supported and woke up with no pain or aches in the morning. The support is thanks to the six-turn, pocket-spring system. In layman’s terms, this means each spring works independently to support your body and react to movement, weight and shape.

What type of mattress should I get? OK, so you’ve decided you want a new mattress. But you’re blindsided by the different types. Worry no: here’s a quick cheat sheet. Sprung mattress – these are the traditional-style mattresses, which mostly come all ready to sleep on. They often have several thousand springs, which provide support while you sleep. Williams from the National Bed Federation says: “You should probably look for a minimum of 1,000 springs in a king size. Obviously, this needs to be pro rata’d down when buying a double or single. Where mattresses are advertised as having many thousands of springs, this is where layers of micro-springs are placed over the top of the main pocket spring unit as comfort layers. See additional info at

This buy online bed-in-a-box is probably the one most of us will have heard of, and offers free delivery, a 100-night sleep trial and free returns if it’s not for you. Conveniently packaged, the box in question is a cinch to get upstairs and in fact, one of us managed it on our own although it’s probably better with two. Instructions for unboxing are online rather than in the package but it’s simple to work out so we didn’t bother – although watch the scissors as you release it from the plastic as you could easily nick the mattress if you’re not careful. Getting it out of the box and onto the bed, once the plastic packaging was opened, it immediately started to get its shape and was ready to sleep on in just a couple of hours.