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Specialized bikes online store 2023: Titanium is another material used in some more expensive bikes. It’s lightweight, strong and doesn’t rust or fatigue. And you can still find bikes made of steel tubing, which was the traditional framebuilding material. It’s not quite as light as other choices, but robust and gives a distinctive ride feel. You should also look at what the bike’s fork is made of. Many bikes will have an all-carbon fork or one with carbon fork blades and an alloy steerer. This tends to absorb road bumps well for a more comfortable ride, but you can find alloy or steel forks on some lower priced bikes. See additional information on specialized mountain bike Lafayette.

Equipped with internal cables (so that brake cables are hidden within the bike frame) and stock disc brakes (which offer the best stopping power), this bike offers an unbeatable price point at around $1,200 — especially if this is your entry-level bike! (However, pros have ridden this model to the top of the podium, too!) The relaxed frame geometry allows the rider to sit in a more upright position, placing less weight and stress on the arms, neck, and back. “This could be helpful for a first-time road bike owner or someone that is looking to begin riding longer distances,” says Joshua Metzl, orthopedic surgeon, Cat 4 bike racer, three-time Leadville 100 MTB Finisher, and five-time Ironman. “Plus, the lightweight frame and the 30-millimeter tires give the rider the ability to attack road and some gravel as well, if the conditions change.” The Allez is the lightest bike in its class without any bells and whistles, making it the perfect choice for those looking for all-day adventures on a race-proven platform, explains Pastore.

Another bike that’s shed weight, in its case 300g, by abandoning the IsoSpeed system in its predecessor, the Gen 7 Madone has also garnered some striking looks, with its hole under the saddle, which sits on a seatpost cantilevered over the rear of the frame. But that’s only half of the 20 watts saving over the older Madone. The other half comes from the bars, which position the hands 30mm closer together on the tops, for a more aero tuck. It’s incredibly fast handling as well as being a fast ride in a straight line. Trek even fits a wider saddle on the smaller frames, as it’s those that are most likely to be ridden by women, whom the width will suit better.

We found that the bike’s assistance felt far more natural than many of the other e-road bikes we tested this year. It’s as if you’ve got good legs—not the super legs of a pro, but just the fittest version of yourself. And it’s not just the smooth progression of assistance that made the ride seamless, it’s also the smooth cut-off in power. The Gain’s e-assist party shuts down at 20 miles per hour, leaving you to do all the work yourself. On some competitors’ bikes, this cutoff is jarring and draggy, but the Gain’s motor eases off gently. There were multiple times when we were riding along at 20 to 25 miles per hour in a group, and we didn’t even notice that the motor wasn’t working. That’s the best compliment we can give any e-bike.

Sharing features of Giant’s more expensive bikes, the Contend has a compact alloy frame with a sloping top tube. The D-Fuse seatpost and carbon fork are designed to add compliance at the rear and the front end respectively. Along with the endurance frame geometry this gives great comfort and handling, letting you ride for longer and inspiring confidence. There’s bags of low gearing, down to 1:1, to tackle uphills and Shimano 105 gives you quality shifting, although the rather heavy weight doesn’t make for sprightly performance. It’s a good value proposition for its price though. Discover more info on

Giant set out to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the 2023 Propel while also making it more of an all-around performer. The new bike is still intended to slice through the air, and makes use of truncated airfoil tube profiles everywhere it matters: namely, the down tube, seat testingtube, seatstays, head tube, and fork blades. However, the new Propel also now strikes a much more svelte-looking profile that further blurs the lines between the all-out aero machine it’s supposed to be and semi-aero lightweights like Giant’s own TCR Advanced SL. Even without wind-tunnel testing, it was clear from our first pedal stroke that the Propel Advanced SL 0 is a proper rocket ship. It’s easy to bring up to high speeds and requires less effort to hold them. During group rides, we inadvertently kept riding away from our buddies on non-aero road bikes.