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Formuler CC online store with Formular specializes in developing, designing, producing, and supporting equipment for customer-premises digital broadcasts. As a result, they have the most amazing devices, each with its own unique features. By offering such a diverse range of products, end users can pick and choose content from satellite, IPTV, and over-the-top providers. But thus, picking and choosing need a comparison between the Formuler devices. So the following comparison is between the Formuler Z10 Pro and the Formuler Z10 SE. Find more details at

Z8 Pro consists of the latest and updated decoding technologies. At its core is WIDEVINE, one of the most popular Andriod OS. If you choose to buy Z8 Pro, it is guaranteed that this Formuler device will be with you for a long time. Some of the main features are: Provides WIDEVINE LEVEL 1 support with MyTVOnline 2 Advanced IPTV client; Upgradable Android IPTV Platform of high quality; With Dual Antenna and Dual-Band Wi-Fi, it is highly sensitive; Features two gigabytes of DDR4 RAM and sixteen gigabytes of eMMC; Four-K with High Dynamic Range: 4K@60fps/HDR10; Records to USB, schedules recordings, and time-shifts recordings and time-shifting; Quad-core CPU with excellent performance; The device is equipped with a strong Bluetooth connection; Supports USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, IR receiver, SPDIF, TV-out, and LAN.

Add IR commands for the 2dot, 3dot, and 4dot buttons at the bottom of the BT-1 remote in the Harmony Device setup. The Harmony Hub Setup Procedures in General Use the micro USB cord to charge the Harmony Hub and connect the IR small blaster; On IOS or Android, download and open the Harmony app; Choose “Create New Hub” from the drop-down menu; Choose a WiFi network to connect the Hub to and enter with the WiFi password. Is The Harmony Hub Compatible With Any Remote? The hub is the heart of Harmony’s home entertainment control system, and it’s responsible for keeping all of your Harmony devices in sync. Harmony Hub accepts one of each type of remote: Pro, Pro 2400, Elite, 950, Ultimate, Ultimate Home, Touch, and Ultimate.

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In this modern generation of technology, the Remote Control app has proved itself as a better and easy alternative to operating TV devices using a smartphone. Built-in features like multi-touch input, touchpad, air mouse control, gamepad, and many more specifications make it likable among the crowd. Various TV apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to meet your demand. These are free or premium according to their features. There is a wide range of remote control apps out of which some operate on a specific type of device while others can be used on every device.

Media streamers come in different shapes and sizes, but they are generally very small and vary wildly in the features they provide, how well the media streamer you choose accommodates your needs will require you choose the model that has the features you might need. With that in mind, it may be a little confusing at first since media streamers are so new. Like many electronic devices we have all purchased from time to time, the features needed may also vary from one person to the next. But in order to be sure you have a media streamer that will suffice, there are a few requirements to consider. See extra information at

When two devices are connected directly, one acts as a source (transmitting device) and the other as a screen (the device receiving and rendering the content to the user). You can see your material wherever you want if you use casting software. Our app sends content via Wi-Fi Direct, a new technology that allows for direct network connectivity at a faster rate than Bluetooth. This technology allows data to be sent up to ten times higher than Bluetooth, which is vital if you want to reflect what you’re doing on one screen on another. A Wi-Fi network is built between the network users when utilizing Miracast, Airplay, Ariscreen, or other software on a smartphone or PC to transfer video to a compatible TV. Once this connectivity is created through your internet, data will be transmitted instantly and wirelessly from one device to another.