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Best site to download music from? The internet has changed forever how we listen to music and how we interact with our favorite musicians but also dramatically changed how artists and labels distribute music. CD sales continue to decrease every year and as the world stays interconnected with file transfer rates at blazing speed, streaming services rose in the last years and the trend doesn’t seem it will stop anytime soon. This is a great opportunity for indie musicians to start their careers as it never been easier to record, mix and release music so go out there and build a fanbase that loves your music and are eager to discover artists like you.

It’s really a shame, but it kind of seems that SoundCloud’s prime is really over and will never return again in all its beauty. The last nail in the coffin for a lot of people came just a few days ago, when SoundCloud sneakily added into their FAQ a few paragraphs informing its users that after September 9th, they won’t be allowed to upload new stuff if they have more than 15 tracks (or 3 hours of audio, whatever comes first). This started an avalanche of negative reactions throughout the social media and even though just a few days later SoundCloud publicly announced scrapping this new strategy, it made a lot of people realize that they should be no more depending just on SoundCloud, but rather look for some alternatives in case things suddenly take an ugly turn again.

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NoiseTrade is a Nashville, TN-based service that offers a way for independent musicians to upload their songs and share their albums with fans for free, much like SoundCloud. The platform also offers a similar feature for authors, but I didn’t quite give it any more than a cursory glance, so will refrain from making any statements about it at this stage. While the platform aimed at authors is a relatively new rollout, the service for musicians has been in existence for almost a decade, having been launched back in 2008 by American singer-songwriter Derek Webb and a few other musicians. According to NoiseTrade’s official website, the platform was “designed to help artists build their audiences by distributing free music in exchange for fan data (email & postal code)”. NoiseTrade allows artists to upload their music that can then be downloaded by fans for free. In return for their free music, fans need to signup with an email ID and a Zip/Postal code and subscribe to an optional newsletter. Fans are also encouraged to share an artist’s work on social media and can pay the artists any amount of their choosing. NoiseTrade keeps a 20% commission, so artists get to keep as much as 80% of the money they receive from their fans.

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