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Quiz games are trendy and here are several lists on this topic. Trivia Crack Kingdoms (Android, iOS) gives the Trivia Crack formula a more focused approach by allowing players to subscribe to specific categories (or “channels”) of trivia questions, and then engaging in asynchronous head-to-head trivia battles against your Facebook friends or random opponents. Players can choose to play focused single-channel games or multi channel trivia matches. The asynchronous design allows you to have multiple games up while you wait for other players to take their turns.

If you’re bored by regular trivia questions and looking for a challenging game to really test your knowledge, you have to pick up the Wit’s End by Game Development Group. The most common comment in this game’s reviews is that the questions are downright challenging, so you know Wit’s End will put your trivia know-how to the test. This board game can be played with two to six people – however, if you want to play with teams, you can accommodate up to 18 players. Most reviewers agree the trivia game is best for older teens and adults because of the tough nature of the questions. In the box, you’ll find the game board, game cards, playing pieces, one die and instructions.

Silicon Flip : SiliconFlip is a free to play online quiz game that will thoroughly test your prediction and general knowledge skills. Since its launch on the 16th of February 2019 the game has been won 1.6471% of the time. The quickest way for you to win a game is to correctly predict a 10 length sequence of coin flips. Unfortunately, the odds of doing this is around 1/1024, which makes this a game of skill rather than a game of pure luck. More on General knowledge game.

The app that started the craze. HQ Trivia is a daily trivia game show where you simply need to answer 12 questions to win a split of the pot. The daily weekday cash pot has risen to $5000 with a new tradition emerging for Sunday’s game – $25,000 with a non-stop stream of questions until players are whittled down to one lucky winner. It has turned regular host Scott Rogoswky into an internet celebrity as he provides an entertaining performance as the quiz master extraordinaire. The app itself has improved significantly since launching on iOS in October 2017 – stream quality (and most importantly, stability) is improving and the servers seem to be handling the larger influx of users better now since launching for Android. You can play it alone, but it’s much more fun to play in a big group.