Too Many Turtles tactical card game

Too Many Turtles is an exciting new card game? Too Many Turtles is a tactical point builder card game in which two players fight over the course of up to 3 rounds to create the most valuable army of turtles that they are able to gather. The player with the highest amount of points at the end of the round wins and the game goes to the first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds. On the other side, you have an army of daredevil turtles being controlled by humans trying to stop turtron from saving the world. Wielding terrible effect cards like Debilitating Pollution and Plastic, they will stop at nothing to keep the valiant hero Turtron from cleaning the environment and helping the turtle population to reassert itself. Thanks to our amazing partners at SEE Turtles, you’ll be able to save turtles no matter which deck you play! In fact, we will pledge to save at least 50 turtles for every person who backs our game. In other words, your figurative turtle saving antics can literally save endangered sea turtles in real life.

Now a little info about real world turtle problems. WildAid. WildAid is a large humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to helping all animals that are threatened by humans on a large scale. Their work with turtles is focused very directly on sea turtles, where 6 out of 7 species are in critical danger of extinction in the near future. Wild Aid has been working very closely with several government agencies in China to reduce the toll taken on turtle populations from Chinese consumers who use sea turtles for jewelry, instruments, and homeopathic medicines.

SEE Turtles is thrilled to be partnering with Too Many Turtles to help save endangered sea turtles around the world. Our organizational focus is helping community organizations protect important nesting beaches, and helping protect hatchlings from poachers and predators. The actual real world impact of every dollar donated to SEE Turtles, translates to saving at least 10 baby sea turtles.Discover a few extra details on Too Many Turtles: The Card Game.

Not all turtles have effects. You might notice some of our common turtles are simply just named after real life common turtles (Like Cletus, The Eastern River Cooter). These turtles are identifiable by the turtle facts in place of any effects. Don’t worry though! These guys are still useful to your strategy! A good leader never underestimates his turtles! The guys at Trei Amici Games (TAG) and their amazing partners at the non-profit organization SEE Turtles proudly presents Too Many Turtles; a game to help save turtles and have fun doing it!

The Idea: For those of you who don’t know us, we are three huge nerds who love gaming. We work normal jobs and we sometimes play DnD at 1 am because work was hard and we need to relax. One day, while we were at work, we had the thought that we could create games. An idea took hold, and it’s stuck with us like a shell to a turtle. Too Many Turtles is a fun and fast paced game about the world’s slowest reptiles! It wasn’t our first idea, and very possibly not our best idea, but it stuck. Almost 6 months later, we have an actual game and an incredible Non-Profit Partner in SEE Turtles. Thanks to the work they do, we have the opportunity to save real turtles with this card game we created while bored at work. Explore a few more info on