High quality free sound alerts for Twitch by Overgame.io

Professional free Twitch alert sounds? It’s nothing to be ashamed of at this point in your career, since you’re probably only streaming on Twitch for a few viewers. While your numbers on Dlive, Facebook, YouTube, etc. might be similar, even after restreaming, it’s exposure for your content that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Unless you’re locked into an exclusive program, then there’s literally no harm in searching for other avenues to expand your stream’s audience. If you’re looking to “kickstart” your streaming career, you’re likely not under the limitations of just one site. Huge streamers like shroud, Pokimane, Disguised Toast and more are on their respective platforms because they have lucrative deals or partnerships in place.

Other paid options? Sound Alerts is a Twitch extension that lets your viewers play sound effects on your stream for Bits! It gives you a new way of viewer interaction and monetization. It is a relatively popular extension, with more than 25,000 streamers having downloaded it. Streamers have used it to upload more than 30,000 sound files. SoundBoard’s strapline is “nothing but sounds.” At the time of writing, they offered 545,033 soundtracks in 20 categories. One of these categories is Games, and a sub-category within that is Sound Bites for Stream. Currently, there are 33 sounds in this section, some with intriguing names such as “Gundy FAT!”, “Hype Squad,” and “Pacman Jones!!!” Of course, you don’t need to restrict your searching to sounds within this section. You could find the ideal sounds for you to use as stream alert sounds on your Twitch or Mixer channel anywhere within SoundBoard.

Met Fit Trainer : This is a midwestern narrater just like WiiFIT super nice that it is almost sarcastic. Download FREE sounds from the ME-FIT soundboard. El Zorrado / Puss in boots : This is a Spanish Zorro style set of alerts, think of ‘Puss in boots’ from Shrek. Twitch standard alerts + extra randoms. Retro Robot: This is just a monotone robot, but what is extra special about this one, is that, its was performed by our friend who is a classical opera singer. Download Robot sound alerts for Twitch. Discover extra info at Twitch sound alerts.

Twitch stream and game of the month ? But with the right streams, you can learn ways to get better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, watch some of the best players show you how it’s done, or just kick back and have a laugh with some of Twitch’s more fun personalities. Here’s a list of the best PUBG streams you should check out, ranging from the educational to the hilarious. When you want to watch someone who might make you better at PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds through what you can learn from them, Anthony_Kongphan is the guy (although we also have a beginner’s guide right here). He’s pretty good at the game in general — especially with a scope and some range — and sports some high kill counts in lots of matches. But it’s not just twitch aiming skills he’s deploying. He knows some solidly useful PUBG tactics, and it’s fun to watch him anticipate what other players’ plans.

Free to download, sounds are made for Twitch, so all the regular Twitch alerts are captured, New donation/sub/follow etc and with extras for fun. No need to contact to use them! They are FREE TO USE!! All the alerts are all game references; the character accents, the artwork and the names. We called them sound cartridges, because we made them like gameboy cartridges. We have made huge packs that people can buy to support us, but these are totally FREE. Discover more info at https://www.behance.net/gallery/97727547/Twitch-Sound-Alerts-FREE.