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Britain, Germany agree on need for international response to Saudi attack – PM’s spokesman : British Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday they needed to work with international partners to form a collective response to Saturday’s attacks on Saudi oil plants, his spokesman said. WeWork delays IPO after frosty investor response: WeWork owner The We Company has postponed its initial public offering (IPO), walking away from preparations to launch it this month after a lacklustre response from investors to its plans. Read more news at More Daily News.

Another good online newspaper that i like : Houston Chronicle: Devastation and euphoria rippled through the Houston Chronicle’s coverage area last year—first in August with massive flooding from Hurricane Harvey, and then less than two months later, a World Series title. Throughout it all, the Chronicle didn’t skip a beat—thanks in part to extensive preparation and strategic thinking. “If you aren’t prepared, you cannot capitalize on those moments,” said Nancy Barnes, executive editor. Barnes spent the better part of 2016 training reporters from a string of newspapers newly- acquired by the Chronicle. She groomed the weekly staff to be the daily breaking news team in areas the Chronicle couldn’t reach. When Harvey hit in 2017, the training proved vital. “We had weekly reporters stationed in bureaus around the metro area…that were mostly closed off when the highways were flooded,” Barnes said.

Wire Services: The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg News: You can’t exactly “subscribe” to these wire services. But you can trust reports from these organizations to be factual. They provide a backbone of news and information flows about politics and the economy. And their member organizations that surface their reports benefit from this reporting. You can follow these organizations on social media and can also follow certain reporters for these organizations who report on topics of interest to you. These wire services also do have web sites and mobile apps you can use to stay abreast the news. Foreign Affairs: This bi-monthly magazine is published by the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s a serious magazine for people who want intelligence on global affairs. The magazine and its many digital platforms benefits from submissions, dialogue, differing views and analysis from the many top minds on international relations. Read extra news at WeeklyReviewer news.

Latest health headlines : Older patients don’t see diabetes recommendations same way doctors do: Doctors’ advice for starting or stopping diabetes medicines often doesn’t resonate with older patients, a new study suggests. U.S. records no new measles cases for first week since January: Health officials recorded no new cases of measles in the United States last week, marking the first week without new cases of the disease since January, amid an outbreak largely linked to parents who declined to vaccinate their children.