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Customized carbon fiber parts China company: This can be used both as an advantage in carbon fiber composites and as a drawback in practical applications. Carbon fibers are extremely conductive, while glass fibers are insulated. Many products use fiberglass instead of carbon fiber or metal because they require strict insulation. In the production of utilities, many products require the use of fiberglass. For example, the production of ladders uses fiberglass as a ladder because the possibility of electric shock is much reduced when the fiberglass ladder is in contact with the power line. The carbon fiber ladder is extremely conductive and the consequences are unimaginable.

Many rival companies constantly compete to produce high-performance equipment and it utilizes the physical property of carbon fiber. For example, in golf, the traditional materials such as steel used for the shaft of a golf club are being replaced in favor of carbon fiber as it produces a lightweight club, with the benefit of low torque. Tennis is another sport where the same knowledge is being used to create light, strong rackets. Carbon fiber and other composite materials are being used in the development of musical instruments. Carbon fiber has also an advantage in science, one of the main use is carbon fiber electrode.

Jinjiuyi has been custom carbon fiber cutting for our customers for 6 years. We cut all products base on carbon fiber sheet, Not only we manufacture carbon fiber plate by our own factory, but also CNC machining by our workshop. We have 8 sets of high-speed CNC machine that offer accuracy of 0.05 mm, so we can easily finish your big orders. Thanks to wide experience we offer carbon fiber cutting services of different carbon fiber products purposed for industry and civil, products including high precision automated machine arms, carbon fiber structural components for UAV FPV, racing car carbon fiber chassis, money clips, money wallets, phone case, carbon fiber tag, carbon fiber buckle for belt, and many other CNC machining products. Read extra info at Carbon Fiber Cutting.

It is obvious that the thicker the carbon fiber, the heavier the frames. So, the question is: where should you put the thick carbon? The first place is the arm; the arms take most of the hit and are most likely to fall off during the flying or racing. If it is not strong enough, it will break or deform easily. Presently, most customers choose a 5mm carbon fiber to cut the arms. Even companies like AstroX choose a 5.5mm and 6mm carbon fiber in some of their projects. The second place to consider is the bottom and top plates. These places usually take big impacts and hold the drone kits together as well. They usually designed with 3mm carbon, but you can use 2mm carbon if you want to achieve a lighter weight. The third place to consider is the bumper. Some frames are designed with bumpers. They are usually done with 2mm thick carbon fiber.

The Jinjiuyi’s Mission is to lead the carbon fiber market and promote it as a primary composite building material. It is our goal to help businesses achieve next level of performance through our high end products. Our Carbon fiber reinforced composites are extraordinary in their strength, low weight, high stiffness, heat resistance, and electrical conductivity. Our top priority is customers’ satisfaction. Superior customer service is the symbol of Jinjiuyi. We always try to provide top quality services and products thanks to our expertise, skilled professionals, and high end facilities that all combined give exceptional customer satisfaction. Read more details on