Edna Freeman or the rise of a mental health influencer

The rise of a mental health advocate : Edna Freeman? Edna Freeman is an American mental health advocate and mother who has overcome childhood trauma in her own life and is passionate about ensuring today’s children don’t need to suffer without early intervention. Edna uses her story of overcoming traumatic childhood abuse to show others that they are not alone and that there is no shame in asking for help.

What is your process for helping young children and teens confront and overcome trauma? The goal is to guide them to the right organizations, medical professionals and sharing my story. I feel that some people tend to see mental illnesses as a taboo or something made up. I want the voices and needs of people and kids with mental illness to be heard. I want them to understand and learn to be gentle with themselves. Parents are also learning to be parents, so yes, a parent can cause trauma on their kids. One scenario is by bringing their own traumas to their kids.

Is it ever too early or too late in someone’s life to confront and overcome trauma with therapy? There is not too early to confront it, but the older you get it gets harder to treat it. But it is never to late to get help. I got help later in life, and I am very thankful that I did, even though I wish I got help earlier.

Edna Freeman is a Brazilian survivor of abuse during childhood and adolescence, and currently uses her personal experience to help children and adults who are experiencing this type of situation. She is a mother of two and currently lives in San Francisco, United States, with her family. With a postpartum doula certificate, specialist in newborn care and early childhood education, Edna is always dedicated to learning a little more in order to help everyone. “What I offer is my knowledge, from all these years that I have been doing therapy, using the power of high discovery, I knew that my life goal was to become the spokesperson for all abused children, teenagers and adults and mental and emotional traumas “, revealed Edna.

One of her hobbies is being a cosplayer, on her Instagram profile, it is easy to see several photos where she is dressed as a character. He has participated in several events such as Comic Con and other conventions of the genre and met several artists, Sthephen Amell and Emily Bett from the Arrow series, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny from The X-Files, Lana Parrilla from Once Upon a Time are some of the names that Edna has already had the opportunity to meet. Another great interest of Edna is in travel, with her husband she has already visited countries like Italy, France, Greece, Japan, England, Bahamas, Argentina and many others, not to mention the different states she met in the United States itself, which is where she lives.

In addition to being a model and an actress, Edna Freeman is also a digital influencer. The fame began through his posts on Instagram, and gradually the public was approving the content, ranging from maternity and beauty to travel and lifestyle. In other words, what she considered a distant dream came true. “A lot of good things are coming,” he assured during an exclusive chat with us.