Charleston and Ladson,SC handyman home repair services

Handyman home repair service in Charleston and Summerville,SC gives several advices regarding home improvement. Make sure that you protective covers on floors and over any items of furniture to limit any damage that may be caused. Any floor coverings that are used will need to be secured to stop any movement or trip hazards that could result in injury. Make people aware that you are there by cordoning of the area to prevent people from entering.

If you have claustrophobic tendencies, you might want to take note of this common home repair. Sometimes, doors getting stuck really scare me more than they bother me, so I followed this simple trick. Cut a piece of thin cardboard in the size of your door shims, and insert it between the actual door shim and your door hinge. Screw the parts back and voila! Problem solved.

If you’ve ever spent anytime painting, you’ll know that taking the time to lay some painter’s tape before applying color will make your final product look professional and clean. But you can also use this trick for anytime you need to lay down some fresh caulk. But remember that, with caulk, you’ll need to pull the tape up before it dries, unlike with paint. Eventually faucet heads will start to show a reduced flow and may even begin to release water in an uneven spray. This is caused by buildup of tiny grains of sand or other mineral deposits that gum up the aerator—or mesh screen—at the tip of the faucet. Wrap some tape around the aerator to protect it and then twist off (lefty loosey, righty tighty!). Wash out debris and then let it soak in vinegar for about an hour. Scrub it clean and then reassemble.

Protect yourself against termites, Termites pose a considerable risk to wooden homes, and without the proper precautions you could find yourself stepping out onto your porch and falling through it, or even finding out your entire home’s foundation has rotted away. Termites can’t survive sunlight, so the most likely places you’ll find them is in your basement. Go down there and use a spray can of foam to plug any gaps where they could get in, then take a flashlight and screwdriver to inspect the wood for signs of damage. Poke the wood with a screwdriver and check for weaknesses. If the wood is flaky or rotting, you might already have a problem that needs professional attention.

Adding a deck to create an outdoor space can be exciting for the entire family. Enjoying the wonderful South Carolina air with a family barbecue or sitting by the outdoor firepit on a cool winter evening, is a great way to relax. We can transform your outdoor living with a beautiful new deck. Our team can also renovate your current deck by making required deck repairs and adding a new coat of stain. See more details on handyman charleston.