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Edith Harbaugh has led product and engineering teams for nearly two decades. But not all of her management know-how came from coding. The LaunchDarkly CEO frequently calls upon a 3,360 mile bicycle ride to Glacier National Park, during which she learned to monitor her energy, adapt to change, and make decisions at forks in the road. Her most transferable lesson for building startups and software? Every ride starts with zero. Every day she set the odometer on her bike to zero with a plan to reach a daily goal, say 50 miles. For both cycling and software development, measurement is vital — observing visible progress is motivating. Feeling like you have 80% of the work ahead makes one’s daily contribution to the goal feel insignificant. Once your direction is set, begin each day with a blank slate. Starting every day from zero increases team focus, generates a concrete sense of accomplishment and forward motion, and helps prevent complacency.

The first and the most important thing that all people and upcoming entrepreneurs should keep in mind is related to the practicality when it comes to money. It is the common mistake that most entrepreneurs do when it comes to generating funds and managing profits. Instead of keeping the focus on the present scenario and financial needs that actually assist in building the company, beginners always get busy in thinking about the future like how will they make money in future which is completely impractical. Planning is good but the focus is very important and you have to first build your present instead of thinking about future. More information can be read on Entrepreneur resourses.

Starting a business can be an important time for anyone. Independence, freedom in elections, the possibility to make one’s own decisions can be an essential change in a person’s life. But the business must also be viewed seriously, and for this purpose it is necessary to attach a special importance to the first steps. So don’t lie down and don’t just think about the good parts that your own business offers. Be hardworking and make sure your business is successful and profitable, especially. Otherwise, for nothing you have independence and freedom in elections, if you have no reason to interfere.

Be unapologetic and relentless with what makes you thrive. Many times, we are influenced from the outside world, and cloud our own desires for the sake of those around us. The sooner you are able to grasp this nugget, the sooner it will drastically change your world. – Neeta Bhushan, Global GRIT institute Source: https://theentrepreneurresearch.com/.