Lima, Peru attractions and top destinations selection with places to rent

Lima travel attractions with places to book: Begin at the Parque Municipal, an open space surrounded by colonial architecture. From there walk down Zapita, over Puente de Los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs), and out to the cliff lookout. The private Museo de Arte Colonial Pedro de Osma is housed in the historic mansion Palacio de Osma. The museum’s exceptional collection of colonial art from around Peru includes paintings, sculptures, metalwork, stonework, silver, and furniture.

Parque Kennedy, named after the 35th US president, hosts nightly events from dancing to art exhibits. It also houses hundreds of cats that prowl the park at night. Watch the cats and do some people-watching while eating picarones, a fried Peruvian dessert made of fried sweet potatoes dipped in honey. Peñas are music venues or restaurants, or even someone’s house, where traditional Peruvian music is played by a live band. This music is worlds apart from the electronic cumbia that has captured Lima.

Head south along the coast from Miraflores, and you’ll end up in the small district of Barranco. This is Lima’s bohemian quarter, a place for poets, artists, and the city’s alternative crowd. A daytime stroll will take you past stylish cafes and a wealth of fairs selling handmade, and often fair-trade, food and crafts, most of which are made by local designers or come from around the country. Don’t miss El Puente de Los Suspiros (The Bridge of Sighs), a quaint wooden bridge located at the top of the stone steps that wind down to the beaches below Barranco. But it’s at night that Barranco’s true colors can be seen. Pop into the chic Barranco Beer Company, a craft brewery with a gorgeous rooftop terrace or the slightly dingier, but a genuinely Barranco experience, Bodega Piselli, which dates back to 1915.

Magdalena was by far our favorite neighborhood in Lima, in part because of its great location (just a quick bus or taxi ride to Miraflores, the airport, or Downtown), and in part because of its quiet neighborly feel. Magdalena’s not a hopping place when it comes to nightclubs and sightseeing, but it’s the sort of place where your neighbors will greet you on the street, where old couples go out for an evening stroll, where neighborhood kids play impromptu futbol games in quiet intersections. Find even more pictures of this fabulous ocean view penthouse on FB. Need a place to stay in Lima, Peru? See a few more details on Magdalena del Mar penthouse to book.

The Monastery of San Francisco, which dates back to 1673 when it was consecrated, is famous for its Spanish Baroque architecture. This graceful, stately complex is a landmark in historic Lima. It honors Jude the Apostle; on his feast day 40 people carry about a silver stand weighing 1.5 tons. The monastery is famous for its library, which contains 25,000 antique texts, including a Bible printed in 1571. The monastery is just as famous for what lies beneath it: catacombs in which anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 people were buried. Today their bones are arranged in artistic designs.