How to discover sports & fitness discussion groups on What’sApp

Searching for What’sApp groups on topics that you like discussing about ? There are a lot groups on What’sApp but discovering them is quite hard, especially since many of them are not very known. We will give a few tips on who are the most popular WhatsApp groups by topics and also introduce you to a website that will make discovering groups much easier. is a website that makes finding apps & software groups on WhatsApp very easy. Feeling lonely? Wanting to talk ? This website can help you connect to groups where you will be able to talk about your favorite subject. Let’s see who are the most popular What’sApp groups, on multiple topics.

Helloumi gathers all the messages you receive, turns them into pending tickets and sorts them in its’ desktop app. This way you won’t miss any questions and you’ll be able to answer them directly from your computer, which saves time. If you have a customer support team, a ticketing system will make it easier for them to stay organized and in sync. We have started a forum called ‘khichhik’ where we are aiming to create a platform for innovative minds to share their smallest of the smallest idea,whatever it may be, which he/she believes can make a difference and help the world to be a better place. We are currently working on to make its blueprint but till then you can join below WhatsApp group to share your thoughts/suggestions.

What’sApp groups are not only good for talking, it can also help your business. On WhatsApp, chat is a two-way street: businesses and customers can interact directly. Real conversations don’t ask one participant to text ‘Y’ for yes, or close an app and dial the phone if they want to take the conversation to the next level. Today’s customers want to reach out to businesses and have real conversations, not just respond to one-way messages directed at them. This is especially true in parts of the world where two-way interactions were not possible at all due to regulatory issues, poor quality of phone numbers, and connectivity issues. WhatsApp addresses these issues by being the first app to deliver quality, reliable two-way messaging around the globe. And while WhatsApp serves as a great channel for notifications like delivery alerts, purchase confirmations, and customer support, it also allows a more direct way to engage your customers and have the two-way conversations that normally take place in a physical store location or over the phone. Apps are increasingly used to research products and services, get reviews and consultations, make a payment process, file a complaint, or book (or reschedule) a service call—all without having to phone, email, or even visit a brand’s website. These days, conversations like these are happening within messaging apps.

Don’t get personal: Don’t use chat groups as a medium to pass unnecessary comments or nit-pick against one another. Of course you are free to disagree, but never disrespect. If there is something that you think may not interest other members of the group or may offend someone, share it in a personal WhatsApp message rather than in your common group. Discover extra details on